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Marian de Vito  Boutin

Prophetic Teacher  and Counsellor

On her journey with the Trinity through decades of great adversity, trauma, loss, abuse and rejection, Marian has gained the authority of experience, backed up by a BA Honours
in Creative Arts and an MA in Social Sciences. She has trained in healing of the heart, soul, mind and body, Church Leadership, personal Leadership and Development',
'Culture of Honour,' 'Prosperous Soul', 'Father Heart' and more with today's leading
international ministries. Marian has a Diploma in Biblical Studies and was a member of the
School of the Prophets in the UK for fifteen years.
Her working life began in the family business and as a student nurse. She qualified as a
teacher of Performing Arts and Religious Education, became a College Head of
Department and Member of a regional Board of Education with ultimate responsibility for
worship in schools. More recently, she lived in France for two and a half years as a
Marian holds the Office of a Prophet with a General's anointing. She is a powerful speaker,
prolific writer, effective teacher and prophetic counsellor - as well as a devoted wife and
mother. She loves to worship, has a beautiful singing voice and gift of the psalmist.
Marian's passion is to help people see God as He really is, leading them into the fullness
of His unconditional love and abundant life. She is aligned with Apostle Chuck Pierce and
a member of Kingdom Harvest Alliance.
Here on her website you'll find a section "Together in Harvest" where there are
individuals, churches, groups, designers, artists, worship leaders, evangelists and business
owners, as well as businesses that sell Christian focused clothing. All are expressions of
what people are doing as they partner with Jesus, loving, honouring and serving Him
globally. There are currently 17 nations represented there.
Take a look for yourself!

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