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Autumn is here

Here in the Uk Autumn has finally arrived, seemingly overnight. People have swapped sandals for shoes and cardigans for jackets. Some of us are contemplating turning the heating on or desperately trying to make it through to October before we succumb to the cold and blustery winds. Otherwise known as Whini the Pooh weather. Yes, we are a resilient lot! We are reminded of Gods safety and diligence to the seasons as at just the right time the land is given a period of rest and renewal in time for spring and summer. These seasons are constant despite the challenges of climate change. So today let us give thanks for the changing of the seasons, and for the harvest to come.

Prayer time

Heavenly Father, we thank you for Autumn and the changes in the season. Thank you that you are always constant and present in our lives. Help us to recognise the changes in seasons in our own lives that we will come to rest in your perfect will.

In Jesus name


Image obtained from Giphy.

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