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Come Holy Spirit come

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

If you have been around the Christian faith for a while, You would have all heard the expression or the words starting or ending with the prayer In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Well, I don't know about you but it took me looooooooooooooooooooooooog and I stress.. a looooooooooooooooog time to get my head around the trinity. I read a whole lot of books, listened to a whole lot of sermons and just confused myself till finally, I rested on the concept that you know what... let's keep things very simple, let's not get too complicated. Maybe all we really need to grasp is the fact that we have a loving Father (God). Who loved us so much that he sent his Son Jesus to save us. When Jesus went back to his Father he left the Holy Spirit on earth to comfort us, to guide us and empower us in the right way to bring us to himself. A perfect harmony between the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Did I say Ghost rather than Spirit? There you go, another area of confusion that has led to some quarters questioning on how can the Holy Spirit be a person if he's a ghost?? 😊😂.

As a kid, I was taught the Churches year from an Anglican perspective. The only verse I remember was the following:

At Whitsun God, the spirit came,

with a mighty wind and living flame.

Representing, of course, the coming of Pentecost in which the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts poured his spirit out on the disciples and crowds of people.

I know many of you will have many more concrete explanations to the oversimplified version I have presented here deliberately so because there are a thousand explanations. I would encourage you all to dig deep and research the topic for yourselves. Who knows where the Holy Spirit will lead you in your quest for deeper understanding. If you wish to comment please be mindful to be encouraging and not too complex as everyone is at different stages in their personal walk with Christ. To find out more about the Holy Spirit I would highly recommend reading the book of Acts where there was an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. It would be great and encouraging for readers to hear about how the Holy Spirit has blessed you in your life.

All I can say is that without the holy spirit to guide us daily, we will fail miserably in our walk with God.

My prayer today is that in the name of Jesus that the holy spirit will touch each and every one of our lives as we move forwards in the shadow of Covid19. In Jesus name


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