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Faithful you are

I was listening to a song by the Housefires, where one of their songs examined the faithfulness of God. Hebrews 6:18 says God cannot lie. He will not break an unconditional promise that he says he will fulfil. 

Every covenant he made he has kept, even when we broke faith. There are countless more examples of Gods unconditional love throughout scripture and indeed in our own lives.

 We can see it in unexpected everyday surprises from a gentle hug or are you ok? When you needed it most. Or the cry of a small child, to the sounds of a bird singing, to the big and the small. In these difficult times, we are living in, we all have so many questions and so many doubts about the future. We ask ourselves what is going to happen next? Let us all take courage from Gods unbroken word. His promises are everlasting, his peace is everlasting, his joy is everlasting and his faith is everlasting. The storms may come and go but through it all, let us actively lookout for that still small voice and be assured that he has promised never to forsake us. He is faithful. 


Heavenly Father, 

As we enter into this new day help us to remember and actively seek your still small voice. Let us look for you in the ordinary things in life. Let our hearts 💕💖💕 and mind not depart from you, as we remember that whatever we encounter today, your love and faithfulness remains constant.


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