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Oh my gosh! It's Xmas Eve!

I write this blog after finishing a last minute dot com Christmas Eve day. I am sure that you have all been there and may still be running around as I speak. There is something very desperate and busy about Christmas Eve. There is always something that needs doing or fixing before Xmas day.

It must have been just as busy over 2000 years ago when Mary and Joseph were desperately trying to find an inn that would take them in. Settling for a humble stable.

In modern day terms we cannot imagine what that must have been like? No anaesthetic, no gas and air and all the usual conveniences in such a situation that we take for granted today.

Yet here we are today! A king will soon be born. A saviour to our world. A great and ever present great light that the darkness in this world will never overcome.

As we prepare to welcome our saviour as Christmas approaches, let us pause to give thanks for the morning star, the light of the world that in his great majesty bestowed the gift of salvation, restoration and peace to all mankind.

A very happy and merry Xmas to you all,💞💓🎉🎊🙏🏾

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