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How are you feeling today? Are you ok? Is life treating you well or do you feel like everything is uncertain at the moment? We each go through many seasons in life. Right now we are in between autumn and winter. The seasons are changing before our very eyes. As the leaves fall to the ground and change colour. In a few weeks time we will be seeing bare trees, the gloves, scarves and wooly hats will be adorning our persons as we prepare for winter. Did I mention Christmas!! 😊😂. The local councils have already started to prepare the public spaces with lights and decorations. Such is the nature of the season.

Whatever season you may be encountering right now in your life, We can take comfort in the knowledge that God's love for us is not bound by the seasons. He lives and moves among us each and everyday come sun, rain and snow.


May God breathe his life giving spirit upon us now and help us to navigate through the different seasons in our lives.

In Jesus name

Amen ❤️

Autumn scenes by Maggi O

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