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Yep! it’s good Friday already!

Hello people... It's been awhile since I have written and there have been a lot of changes to the site and growth. The site was always a delicate balance between a prayer devotional and a fine art gallery site. Well! the fine art element has grown and new menu categories will shortly be added to make certain products easier to find.

So back to the main reason for the article. Yep! Good Friday/ Maunday Thursday already, depending on where you are in the world. A time of sadness and great joy all at the same time. For many of us this is a time for reflection and the promise of new beginnings a time for us to dig down deep and receive refreshment and healing. A time for spiritual renewal and direction. Prayer

image title; 4thecross-I lov u this much..

I pray that during this time of prayer and reflection we will continue to grow, learn and heal as we celebrate and remember the reason for the season. May the Lord bless, protect and restore both you and your families. Thank you father God for sending your Son to die for us on the cross so that we may have fellowship with you forever.

Have a blessed and bountiful Easter Amen

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